Our declaration of intent would be…

…we especially understand all that has to do with taste. The essence of our relation with you cannot be explained, it can only be shared.

We promise that in the ambiance and atmosphere of our kitchen, we will attempt to create specific and unique flavors of food in order to then put them at your disposal. We know we are condemned to outdo ourselves, to be the best, as part of who we are by vocation, self-imposition, professionalism and passion.

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Mockup de una comida en el restaurante La Seu de Denia

Our fresh fish comes from the “Lonja,” the main fish auction market that offers the daily catch from the surrounding bays where the quality of the water is excellent. We can also say that the variety of our tomatoes are chosen by the nuances of their colors that indicate their origin. All of our produce is chosen with a certain intuitive know-how. Our meat is of D.O. and our wine cellar is full of wine selected for their excellence. Finally, we can affirm that the elaboration of our dishes is based on the harmonious interplay that weaves tradition with innovation.

Bla, bla, bla... We have an offer for you!

Bla, bla, bla…

Come and judge for yourselves!

We are but “a simple verse flying between the ovens, a sudoku square of aromatic combinations, an infinitesimal particle in the equation of savors.”