Combining emotions… poetic evanescence of taste

The experiences that La Seu offers are based on concepts and designs born out of the earth. When we speak of the earth and of pillars that uphold the La Seu ovens, we speak of reclaiming our grandmothers’ cuisine with our fresh, preferably autochthon, produce.

Frivolidades de acogida


We work hard to evoke the indisputable flavors of the past, reproduced using contemporary formulas and methods. As soon as you cross over the threshold of our house, you will understand our intention and our goal that is only made worthy once we share it with you

Diana Cervera Chef del restaurante La Seu

Diana Cervera

She is at the center of the vision. Diana is the leitmotif of every day. The promoter, the leader, the designer, the visionary, the alma mater that collects the family culinary traditions and the chronicles of the matriarchal kitchen. She and her team give the dishes their contemporary flavor.
She prefers to stay behind-the-scenes. If she walks by, she  voluntarily does so unnoticed. But the clue that gives her away is her smile—she is all smiles. Her eyes shine when she speaks of cuisine, ingredients, produce. We can recognize her by the passion she transfers through the food on your plate.