Five Selected Tapas, your choice of rice, and a pre-selected dessert

Prix: from 20 € to 25 €
(TVA included)

Menu price for a weekend lunch (special weekends and holidays) include premium ingredients and reach the maximum of the indicated price.

1-Bread and alioi Torrajo
2-Creative salad or Russian salad or tempura or typical vegetable Pipirrana  depending on the season and the produce available
3-Carpaccios of fresh fish or shrimp and/or meat, sushi, marinades or salted meats accompanied with seasonal vegetables.
4-Pasta of sautéed calamari,  or vegetables and meat or homemade pasta: cocas, pizzas, raviolis and more depending on inspiration.
5-Grilled octopus or cheek cannelloni or poached eggs or other combination based on the chef’s passion.

And for the whole table, a variety of rice to choose from

Succulent rice of tuna and cuttlefish
Rice à la “banda”
Succulent rice of meat, vegetables, mushrooms and liver

Homemade “La Seu” desserts