We invite you to come and visit our space and the different aspects of the restaurant

Then, through a virtual tour you can visit La Seu restaurant in Dénia. In one click, a picture of each space will allow you to explore right and left and to go forward to get to know our place.

Open Kitchen

Our kitchen is a space with natural light during the day from an open sky visible through a sky light. From this comfortable space of minimalist ambiance we can observe the work in the kitchen without the acoustic disturbance. Also available is a large table for guests who wish to be part of the kitchen magic through proximity while enjoying their evening.

Colors space

This is a welcoming space with its historical stone walls, more reserved and discreet than some other areas. The stones come from the original house that dates back to at least the 17th century. During the day, a glass roof lets penetrate a welcome luminosity into the space. The decoration is chic and colorful.

Espai de dalt (upper floor)

This is the first floor zone. It’s a large room with several big round tables for groups or company meetings. This is the most classical room of our restaurant. A few of the tables are near a type of glass watchtower from which you can have an overview of the true nature of our place: a fusion of modernity in an ancient house.

Rincón de la bodeguilla (Corner of the little cellar)

This is a space chosen next to our cellar, a little place to feel comfortable and protected. It’s the corner of secrets, declarations, and intimacy chosen by many couples. (Tables are for two).