As we aim to work with the ingredients of the season, our dish varieties depend on what the earth produces throughout the year. Our philosophy is to follow nature’s course and wisdom as she helps grow different produce for each season. As such, the fish, vegetables and fruits on our menu will be different depending on the season.

Tapea, tapea !

“Las tapas” is the stamp of distinction of our country.

The tapas is a gastronomical concept of the Iberian Peninsula that has spread internationally not only because the presentation is unique but also because it reflects our way of life and way of being, “the pleasure of living in the streets and of sharing.”

“Las tapas” are to be savoured and enjoyed. We love to participate in these culinary experiences of flavours and texture that can be innovative as well as classical.

Half-cooked liver, maracuja and “arrop i tallaetes” bread

12.00 €

Crispy squid with lemon mousse, honey and sun-dried tomatoes

9.75 €

Vegetable tempura with  romesco sauce of almonds and hazelnuts

9.50 €

New version of Russian salad, cream of tuna and the Valencian “rosquilleta”

6.50 €

Creamy croquettes of Iberian ham

1.90 € /un.

Traditional and diabolical “Bravas” potatoes

6.50 €

Grilled octopus, with baby potatoes and parmentier of “paprika de la Vera”

14.00 €

Classic poached eggs (truffled potatoes, mushrooms or liver)

12.00 €

Potatoes prepared in “lo pobre” style, Iberian ham, fried eggs on a bed of creamy potatoes

12.00 €

Fritter of fresh cod brandade

2.50 € /un.

Chilean yucca and a ventrèche of red tuna with an Oriental touch

4.50 € /un.

Carpaccio – Sushi – Marinades

Slivers of Dentex on cream of garlic and potatoes

14.50 €

Tuna flambé with eggplants, quinoa salad, vegetables and Mediterranean vinaigrette

16.00 €

Peruvian Ceviche made from the fish of the day

16.00 €

Carpaccio of shrimp from Dénia marinated in garlic

 12.00 €

Cocas – Pizza – Sandwiches

Coca de Dacsa of warm mackerel marinated in curry

5.00 €

Coca XL of fresh cod brandade, cherry tomatoes, roquette and pesto

9.50 €

Coca XL of angus, flambé eggplants, goat cheese and honey

10.00 €

“Banh mi” sandwich à la Vietnam  of veal, aromatic herbs and spicy peanut sauce

9.00 €


Seasonal fruit salad, cream cheese and mint ice cream

10.00 €

Salad of clams and zucchini prepared in lemon and honey with a lemon vinaigrette

11.00 €

Rice and tradition

Rice is an integral part of Valencian gastronomical culture and of Alicante. The preparation of our rice is rooted in the culinary tradition of our land from the fluffy rice, succulent rice and plain rice to our paellas.

The paella we offer is inspired from traditional varieties little-known to the public. The paella is the result of the knowledge and wisdom of our grandmothers.

Depending on the type of rice, these dishes are composed of a plethora of ingredients such as the duck, shrimp, langoustine, mussel, clam, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, cod, etc.

We generally prepare our rice with a base of shellfish, meat, liver, mushrooms, fresh vegetables and fish bought fresh each day at the Lonja


Paella or succulent rice (“arroz meloso”) prepared with shellfish

14.00 €

Fideúa of mushrooms, liver and ham

12.00 €

Meat and vegetable paella

11.00 €

Tender octopus, sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary

13.00 €

Tender squid in ink, artichokes and Iberian bacon

11.00 €

Rice à la “banda”

10.00 €

Main dishes and gastronomical creations

Grilled t-bone steak from Zarauz’s special selection (1kilo)

39.00 €

Galician beef sirloin steak grilled with vegetables

22.00 €

Tartar sirloin steak of Galician beef with a mustard and fine herb glaze

22.00 €

Premium Black Angus tenderloin grilled

25.00 €

Fish of the day from the Lonja (Ask waitstaff)

Market price




Melody of forest fruits and petals

Ferrero Rocher dismantled and divulged

Crunchy chocolate and coffee Opera

Caramelized pineapple with lime and a yoghurt mousse

Explosion of foam and chocolate sponge